Please find below the FAQ section for the Concordia Lighthouse Competition.

Is it allowed to advance the project into the sea?
It is allowed to advance the project into the water. The lighthouse can be built off the coast as well.

Is there a preferred overall height for the structure?

There is no height limit for the overall structure of the lighthouse.

Is the program open for more uses on the plot like a visitor’s centre?
You may extend the program, if it enhances your architectural idea/concept.

How big will be the visitor’s center? Is it a separate building or not?
The visitor’s center could be proposed as an additional function, which should not dominate over the lighthouse itself. It should be integrated with the lighthouse construction.

What is a living cell?
The living cell is a dwelling which should accommodate at least 1 person.

What should be the road to approach the area? Can we assume it’s going to be the nearby house’s driveway or other?
It is possible to use the existing road or propose own approach to the area. Water access is also possible.

Are there any constrains regarding cost or logistics of construction?
There are no constrains regarding costs and logistics of construction.

What is required for the submission? Should it be 1 x A0 sheet containing the complete idea as seen on other competitions on your website?
Please see Competition Brief submission requirements in the PDF, which can be downloaded in the Competition Download Section.

How do I submit the project?
You have to upload project PDF and a DOC file with a statement through the Upload page, using your Team Code and Password.