We are proud to present our interview with Typhoon Class Submarine competition jury member:
Andrea Bertassi (XCOOP/OMA)

1. What is your background and current particular interest in the design field?
After a western education and a few years working at commercial offices, I am currently exploring different, more spiritual boundaries of our profession. Together with the XCOOP crew and through academic experiences, we are looking into new ways to fully integrate design into a holistic approach to development. It is about time for our generation to replace an outdated way of transforming the environment, finally taking into account a broader set of values.

2. How do you see the role of the architect in the contemporary world?
The architect's role is rapidly transforming. Thanks to the globalization, we finally realized that the idea of “design” that we used to have in the western world is outdated: the architect as a provider of services to developers is over. Nowadays, architects are called to define issues, elaborate processes, composing wide sets of knowledge into one coherent effort, where the definition of the space and its qualities is just one of the many aspects.

3. What do you think about matterbetter_dev.com initiative?
Cool! To stimulate intelligences to move away from the usual designing for a client is two times valuable. First of all, today's global world needs thinkers and ideas much more than builders. Secondly, this competition is a relevant exercise to develop the most important skill of a designer: free thinking to make the world a better place.

4. What is the main architectural potential of the re-use in general? What is the best example you know of the architectural re-use?
Construction is not only responsible for a big share of the global pollution, but also significantly informs the spacial and social quality of life of all human beings. To consider a careful management of resources is key to a successful design, intended as the operation to transform a part of the world for the better, regardless of its size, location, program and purpose.
Fortunately, there are many examples of architectural re-use! From the ancient Greeks to the Roman Empire, re-use practices have been changing and adapting to times. The very best has yet to come and we will see it among the entries ;-)

5. Which advice would you give to the Typhoon Class Competition participants?
Have fun, and make it right!