Today we are proud to announce the official start of THE SUBMARINE competition. 

The Cold War is over and the world has to become a more friendly space. And we believe it’s a right time to get rid of nuclear weapons of mass destruction aiming to turn the Earth into ashes in several seconds. One of the symbols of these frightening times was a Russian Typhoon Class submarine - the largest nuclear submarine ever built.

This weapon of mass destruction was designed by Rubin Design Bureau in 1975 and became a part of the Soviet fleet in 1980. It has incredible dimensions – 175m long and 23 meters wide. By placing it vertically the Typhoon class submarine could be compared with Mies van der Rohe Seagram building or Swiss Re high-rise by Norman Foster.

In 2010 the decision has been made that the remaining 3 submarines will serve until 2019. In 2013 Russian authorities announced that two of remaining submarines are going to be utilized in a close future due to outdating of the electronical systems on board and high maintenance costs. The remaining submarine will still serve as a training facility until 2017. After this period the same fate awaits them as their predecessors.

The dismantling costs are about 10 mln. USD according to the Russian mass media. For this reason Rubin Design Bureau is looking for alternatives for a reuse of the submarines. There were alternative plans to redesign the submarine into a submarine cargo vessel with 15 000 tons capacity. This project has not been realised due to the lack of finance and practical reasons - not all ports can accommodate the submarine. As a result three out of the six built submarines were already dismantled.

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matterbetter_dev team.